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Micromatic Standard Spinning Actuator

The Spinning actuator is a new innovation of reciprocating torque actuators. Its interior design and construction are similar to standard lines of stationary actuators, but the Spinning actuator, unlike the stationary models, revolves in application.

It consists of an aluminum alloy body with a precision machined cylindrical chamber, a central splined end shaft on which vanes are fixed, and barriers or shoes that provide positive internal stops for the vanes. Power is derived from either hydraulic or pneumatic pressure directed against the vanes which, in turn, rotate the splined shaft.  The Spinning actuator revolves in application as an integral part of a functioning device: the body, vanes, and shaft rotate in unison, maintaining their relationship until fluid pressure changes the position of the vanes.  Precision balancing of the entire unit assures smooth operation at high rpm’s avoiding disturbance to driveline mechanics.

Standard units are rated to 5,000 rpm maximum @ 750 psi. If your application is above this see our Custom Spinning Actuators.

Possible uses:
• Four Square test applications
• Lathe chucking applications
• Torsion test applications

For more information, contact us or download the Spinning Actuator Fact Sheet.

spinning-actuators-standard-drawingDrawing A


Centrifugal, bending, and torque testing of couplings, fatigue specimens, and universal joints is done in this typical arrangement shown in Drawing A. The Spinning Rotac Actuator supplies the torque load, stress, or shock the items while spinning.

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