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Rotac® Hyd-ro-ac® Products – Hydraulic Rotary Actuator: MPJ-11 and MPJ-22

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  1. Connections of drains will add significant life to the shaft seals. This is highly recommended.
  2. Design considerations should be made to limit the axial and radial loading applied to the actuator. Contact factory if axial and/or radial loading must be applied to the actuator. Unapproved axial and/or radial loading will void the actuator’s warranty.
  3. External stops must be used to limit shaft rotation for most applications. Using the actuators internal components as rotational stops will cause damage and void the actuators warranty.
  4. It is critical that the hydraulic system have pressure relief located in close proximity to the actuator to prevent pressure spikes from damaging the actuator. Hydraulic pressure spikes will rapidly cause damage and void the actuator’s warranty.
  5. It is recommended the hydraulic fluid be filtered to 5 microns or less (maximum of 10 microns).
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