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Download Rotary Actuator Materials

 Rotary actuator materials available for download using links below, listed by category and actuator model.

 Actuator Brochures, Catalogs, and Info Sheets


 Full Actuator Catalog – Featuring all standard models in Micromatic's extensive line of Rotac® Hyd-ro-ac® rotary actuators

 Actuator Engineering Guide – Details of different technical aspects of hydraulic rotary actuators from an engineering perspective

  Actuator Application Guide - Form used to specifiy customer application for actuator selection

 Standard Seal Kit Sheet - Standard seal kit list for standard actuators

 Bearing Machine Dimension Sheet - Final bearing machine dimension sheet

 Valve Actuators - Valve actuator info sheet

 LP Model Catalog and Repair Manual

 LP Catalog     LP-11 – LP-35 Repair Manual

 MP Model Catalog and Repair Manual

 MP Catalog     MP, RN, CG, XL & HN Repair Manual

 26R Model Catalog and Repair Manual

 26R Catalog    26R Repair Manual

 SS Model Catalogs and Repair Manuals

 SS .2A and SS-.5A Catalog

 SS-001- SS-130 Catalog

 SS-.2A and SS-.5A Repair Manual

 SS-001 - SS-130 Repair Manual

 HS Model Catalog and Repair Manual

 HS Catalog                                          HS Repair Manual 

 Rotating Actuator Catalog

 Rotating Actuator Catalog  

 Actuator Accessories

 Coupling Catalog  Cross-Port Relief Manifold Catalog

 Rotac® Tipper Info Sheets and Repair Manuals

 Rotac® Rotac Scoop Tippers  Rotac® Tipper Tap-In Kit Repair Manual
 Rotac® Long Arm Adjustable Tippers  Rotac® HD Repair Manual
 Rotac® HD Tippers  Rotac® Long Arm Repair Manual
 Rotac® Scoop SS-010 Actuator Repair Manual  Rotac® Scoop Repair Manual
 Rotac® HD SS-012 Actuator Repair Manual  Rotac® Cart Tippers
 Rotac® Beast Repair Manual  Rotac® Recoil Repair Manual


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