Two Step Around With Position Actuators

When precise motion is needed in an actuator, a position actuator is the product you're interested in.  Whether you need two, three or more positions, with a position actuator, Mircomatic has you covered.  Servo controls provide the precise information that is needed for exacting movement.  Turning devices with a two position actuator, or in a more complex action using three or more settings, position actuators are essential. Choose from a variety of Mircomatic's standard models or we can even work with you to make a custom vane position actuator for your specific needs.

There are many factors to consider when determining the right actuator.  Include type of rotary actuator along with the rotation angle you require.  When choosing a position actuator or any actuator shaft diameter and table diameter are important to consider. Also, maximum torque and linear stroke are characteristics to take in account.  If you work with either pneumatic or hydraulic, contact us about what specifications you need when ordering a position actuator.