Three Models of Position Actuators from Micromatic


Getting what you want and receiving what you need can be two different things entirely. You want a dependable position actuator. To be sure you are you are getting a cost effective product you need to know about characteristics that can hinder your actuator’s performance. More information about two critical points can be found in the article, Position Actuators that Handle Hysteresis and Backlash.

Micromatic LLC has been making rotary actuators filling many roles in manufacturing including position actuators for over 80 years. Get the winning-edge to produce more with faster processes, reduce inventory with JIT fabrication, and increase your manufacturing ability with efficient product flow. The engineers at Micromatic are ready to work with you to devise the proper solution to your manufacturing problem.

We have an impressive range of “stock” rotary actuators. Here are links to our major lines of rotary actuators:

  • Solid Shaft (SS) actuators – Increased torsion resistance when compared to a HS. This allows a smaller diameter shaft saving space
  • Hollow Shaft (HS) actuators – Lighter in weight than a SS of the same size. Used when the shaft reciprocates, or the weight of the shaft affects the sizing of the actuator's prime mover. Also allows mediums to cool the shaft when temperature is a factor
  • Medium Pressure (MP) actuators – Light and compact, these hydraulic or pneumatic actuators are for applications that are concerned with weight of the actuators and space limitations. They have a R and J designation for the type of bearings used. MPR for roller bearings and MPJ for composite journal bearings

We also can create a custom-design to accommodate your most demanding specifications. Contact us today to see what our position actuators can do for your manufacturing process.