Rotary Vane Actuators for Waste Handling Equipment

Micromatic hydraulic rotary vane actuators are used to provide lift in automated waste handling mobile equipment.  Companies such as Australia's Superior Pak use Micromatic hydraulic vane rotary actuators on their robotic bin grab arm assembly.  The actuators provide high speed as well as an assortment of motions that provide for the quick and complete emptying of waste bins.  The Micromatic actuator is also able to provide optimum torque and performance while using less of the hydraulic system than alternative metods.  One of the critical elements of waste applications is the speed desired to maintain a daunting schedule of emptying nearly 2000 bins per day. Rotac® Hyd-ro-ac® vane rotary actuators have been used in multi speed repetitive applications such as this for their ability to provide power and torque in a compact space. Check out how a robotic bin grab arm operates in the field. Using a rotary actuator simplifies the equipment requied to provide the rotary motion as compared to other kinds of hydraulic componentry.  See how clever the rotary vane actuator operates!