Rotary Actuators with the Customizations you Need

Rotary actuators are an integral part of many applications where there needs to be a wide range of motion, yet at the same time provide the reliability and durability needed for constant usage. Here at Micromatic LLC, we’ve had decades of experience in designing and building actuators for industries of all types. Our line of Rotac Hyd-ro-ac actuators is good to go out of the box, but we can also create customized actuators based on the needs of your application.

Our actuators come in a variety of types including:
  • Single or double end shaft extensions
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic
All of our actuators come with basic mounting options, as well. They can be base, foot, flange, or specially designed for the needs of the equipment. Take a look at our MP series of rotary actuators for a more in-depth look at what our standard parts have to offer.

Each of the rotary actuators in the MP series comes standard with journal bearings. This advanced composite material is lined with PTFE, which offers a fantastic seal for the vane, shaft, shoulder, and shoe. If the journal bearings aren’t what you need, they can be crafted with roller bearings instead if it’s applicable to the actuator. As this is an older type of bearing seal, it’s not able to be applied to all of them.

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