Rotary Actuators in a Variety of Sizes for both Pneumatic and Hydraulic

In the world of big machinery, rotary actuators play a crucial role. They are part of the entire system that makes machine tools, heavy duty trucks and equipment, agriculture machinery, and other things like CNC machinery work. They do all this while remaining as small as possible while still providing a range of motion that can boggle the mind. Here at Micromatic LLC, we’ve been working with actuators of all types for over 45 years.

Our experience in the field has given us the capability of creating the finest, most durable rotary actuators that you can find. We have an incredible array of standard actuators that come in both hydraulic and pneumatic formats. Our hydraulic actuators come in 27 different sizes, and our pneumatic actuators come in 11 sizes. However, this is not the limit of our capabilities.

We can easily work with your company to design and craft a unique, custom rotary actuator to fit your exact needs. This gives you the ability to have the best possible solution for your heavy equipment. We’ve helped companies from across the nation to create the best actuator application solutions, and we’re positive that we can get you going. Contact us today for more information on any of our services.