Rotary Actuators from the Leader in the Industry

Depending on your application, we will need a specific type of rotary actuator. Research and design is vital to determine the best use and type of rotary actuator you will need. You need a company with considerable experience and track record of successful implementation of automated assembly solutions.

Micromatic is a recognized world-class producer of rotary actuators and automated assembly equipment. Known for our renowned Rotac® and Hyd-ro-ac® actuators, we can rely on our precision built products. With customer around the world and serving a variety of industries, this shows we can meet the requirements for any application.

Once you have your rotary actuator solution, we can offer training on proper use and maintenance to maximize the life of your quality product. From startup to changes in staff, if you need more training we provide it. We can even present webinar training modules at your request. What if you don’t have the resources to maintain equipment bought from us? No problem. We have an extensive service and preventative maintenance program to support you.

We are invested in your success. Our partnership with you is grounded in the steps required to keep your Micromatic equipment up and running. Contact us today to discover what our products and services can do for your business.