Rotary Actuators for all your Equipment Needs

Rotary actuators are a common component to a lot of heavy equipment machines and factory automation systems. They’re able to create the same range of motion that other solutions can provide, but they take up a fraction of the space. This allows you to get the most out of your design, and gives you more space on the factory floor to use for other processes. No matter whether you use a pneumatic actuator or a hydraulic one, we’re the company to help you with your needs.

Here at Micromatic, we’ve had a rich history of working with rotary actuators and automated systems. Over the years, we’ve determined specific things that all of our designs require in order to be able to fulfill your needs and requirements. They need to have proper torque and operating pressure documented, proper tolerance specifications, quantitative testing, and much more.

Partner with us and you’ll be able to utilize the absolute best actuators that are available on the market today. Our engineers will work closely with your team to come up with the best solution, no matter if it’s one of our pre-designed actuators or a custom unit created specifically for your system. We’re ready to help you today, so drop us a line and let’s get started.