Rotary Actuators can be a Major Boon

Rotary actuators are an extremely useful component when it comes to machinery and repetitive tasks. They become especially important when dealing with heavy components that need to have the same task repeated throughout the day. This helps to keep your staff safer with less heavy lifting, and it also helps to keep your products more uniform and consistent.

Hazardous environments can also reduce productivity when human workers are exposed to them. Automating with an actuator solution will remove them from that situation and increase the number of healthy, productive employees. This in turn will keep your processes running with a higher uptime than if someone has an accident.

Rotary actuators have a small footprint compared to linear hydraulic actuators. When floor space is a premium, these compact motors really shine. Careful consideration for overhung load and side load issues need to be addressed. In cases where they are unavoidable actuators with bearings should be used. Their disadvantage compared to linear motors is its torque limits are lower.

If this all seems like a good way for you to increase your line’s productivity, then give us a call today. We’ll be happy to sit down with you and talk about the options available to you.