Rotary Actuator Options from Micromatic

Micromatic continues to aggressively pursue superior design with our line of Rotac® rotary actuators. With ever increasing demand for more efficient product handling, positioning, and indexing required - we consistently incorporate improved design, streamlined development and rapid deployment of our world-class rotary actuators around the globe.

Our product categories include hydraulic and pneumatic actuators in the following types:
  • Hollow Shaft (HS) Actuators - These dependable hollow keyed shaft actuators have 6 standard single-vane models and 3 double-vane models. They feature a variety of seals and porting options. Typical pressure usage is either: 1,000 PSI, 2,000 PSI or 3,000 PSI.
  • Solid Shaft (SS) Actuators - 8 single-vane models with 2800 of rotation and 6 models with double-vane rotation of 1000 rotation (both with +/- 50) Typical pressure delivery of rotational power the same as our HS actuators.
  • LP Series pneumatic Actuators - 11 single-vane models with 2700 rotation and 11 double vane models with 900 rotations. Options include port placement, mounting type and position stops for indexing or positioning functions.
We are certainly not limited by our standard actuators. If you need a custom rotary application, we can do that as well. Contact our engineering team with your operating pressure and desired torque or displacement. Then we will design, develop and deliver the product for your application.