Rotary Actuator Manufacturer

Built to perform, built to last – our rotary actuators are known throughout the world to stand for reliability and repeatability. Hydraulic or pneumatic actuation is available with both having a variety of models to choose from. When our family of rotary actuators just isn’t enough, we have ability to design custom rotary solutions for many applications.

Our engineers will collaborate with your team of designers to identify production issues and operating parameters. Once the actuator requirements are determined we use experienced project management skills to ensure your product is manufactured - on scope, on time and within agreed costs.

You demand excellence and we deliver. Take a look at our product pages for a brief overview on their capabilities.
  • HS Rotary Actuators
  • SS Rotary Actuators
  • MP Rotary Actuators
Contact us with any questions about our ability to help you with a rotary actuator solution.