Rotary Actuator Design and Implementation

Rotary actuators are the backbone of your business. You use them in everything from your production line, automated material handling systems, and your specialized applications. Our expert engineers have deep knowledge and experience with actuators of all types and sizes, and they're ready to help you with the design and implementation of the solution that works for you. After all, proper implementation and installation is vital to your equipment lasting as long as possible.

Proper mounting is extremely vital when it comes to reliable operation and maximizing the operating life of your rotary actuators. Depending on the activities that you need to put your actuators through, they may need the support of bearings to protect them from the impact that overhanging loads or side loading will put on them. We've seen these situations before, and are well prepared to create the proper design to circumvent them.

Proper placement is also an extremely important element as well. Continuous-cycling actuators are probably going to be coming in contact with hot medium. We take this into account, and increase fluid circulation to reduce strain and thermal issues caused by this situation - a heat exchanger will help. Installation in low points in the hydraulic system will encourage contaminants to collect at the actuator and should be planned for.

If you have any questions on how we can help you with your rotary actuator needs, please contact us today. We'll gladly schedule a meeting with you and discuss the options that are available.