Robotic Material Handling Can Improve Processes

At Micromatic, LLC, our goal is to help you create the most efficient assembly, test, and verification elements using the latest technologies and capabilities for manufacturing your products. When it comes to designing, developing, and installing the right automated manufacturing process for you, rest assured that Micromatic has the knowledge, experience, and products needed to provide the best solution for you.

The first step involves collaboration between Micromatic’s engineers and your team to determine the parameters we will be working with. Some of the basics we will cover are factors such as feed rate, part orientation, and space restrictions. Once we have taken into consideration all of your unique operating characteristics, we can start to design your customized material handling solution.

In the past, we have implemented solutions such as:
  • Conveying systems – integrating belts or rollers to move parts from one work station to another
  • Gantry systems – used to move parts to a rack or staging area where they are stored until needed in another assembly area
  • Robotic Assisted systems – fully automated stations where robotics perform tasks that demand high precision and tight tolerances, or in environments unfit for humans.
When it comes to quality inspection and verification processes, Micromatic has you covered. In order to ensure that the automation equipment is consistently producing the right parts, inspection and verification stations are placed at strategic locations. These stations use linear variable differential transformer (LVDT), vision, and air gauging to guarantee your manufacturing process is working exactly how it’s supposed to.

For more information on robotic material handling and manufacturing solutions brought to you by Micromatic, contact us today.