Proper Placement and Installation of Rotary Actuators

Rotary actuators are the backbone for many production lines, automated material handling solutions, and specialized applications all over the world. Making sure that they have been properly designed and installed is of the utmost importance. Our engineers here at Micromatic LLC understand this, and that is why they take all facets of rotary actuator implementation into account when designing and implementing our clients’ solutions.

Mounting is crucial to proper operation and maximizing your actuator life. Excessive wear and tear along with premature failure can occur due to overhung load or side loading issues. When these problems are unavoidable, the use of bearings will protect the rotary actuator from the brunt of the force and provide it with a longer life span.

Proper placement for your rotary actuators is key, as well. Continuous-cycling actuators are likely to be in contact with a hot medium. We take this into consideration, and increase fluid circulation to reduce the strain and thermal issues caused by this. A heat exchanger can also help. Installation in low points in the hydraulic system will encourage contaminants to collect at the actuator and should be planned for.

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