Position Actuators are Great under Extreme Conditions

For over eighty years Micromatic has continually evolved; becoming a world-class manufacturer of rotary actuators. We offer rotary actuator designs in either pneumatic or hydraulic capabilities for a wide range of applications including two- and three-position actuators. Position actuators are ideal for parts handling, valve control, and more.

One application using our MPJ-11 Rotac® hydraulic rotary actuator was in the design of a temporary storage compartment for a ROV in deep-sea conditions. Our reliable position actuator needed to help compensate for a loss of 15.0 bar (217.6 PSI) pressure; while operating a two-position three way valve. This allowed the valve to compensate for the change in volume inside the case as it’s raised.

These extreme operating conditions prove that our position actuators can get the job done when under pressure. Our expertly designed rotary vane-type actuators deliver high torque in a small package. Used in a number of industrial applications our precision components provide outstanding value and repeatability to any operation.

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