Micromatic Automated Test Systems has Global Impact for Systems Integration

The Micromatic development team recently made a trip to Chennai, India to develop the specifications for a new Micro-Precision automated test system for a major manufacturer.  The existing technology is not capable of meeting the production rate and quality expectations required.  The company recognized the expertise of Micromatic as a systems integrator with a global reputation for providing value and results.  Coming to the customer site for an assesment is the first step in documenting reality and understanding the requirements as well as the environment for implementing the system.  The potential to explore semi-automated options and provide for growth into fully automated assembly processes in the future are important strategies. Fully automated systems can include vision, LVDT, air gauging, laser, or fiber optics for part or feature qualification. Wherever your requirements for systems integration occur, you can count on Micromatic to help you acquire the best in automated assembly and test systems