Looking for High Torque Actuators? Look No Further Than Micromatic

Whether you need backhoe buck swing actuation, positioning actuators for container loading systems, or you have a highway maintenance vehicle needing articulated movement for a spraying boom, one name should come to mind instantly; Micromatic. We offer a vast range of standard actuators with many different operating parameters for diverse industrial and commercial applications.

Our signature line of Rotac® Hyd-ro-ac® high torque rotary actuators deliver the reliability and repeatability that companies the world over have come to expect from us. Our high torque actuators are able to withstand the harsh environments and operator usage no matter where they’re put to the test.

Our high torque rotary actuators have small hydraulic components, which mean lighter weight, and reduced overall footprint. This also reduces the amount of hydraulic fluid needed. Long cycle-life, reduced size, and one moving part increases efficiency and offers less maintenance costs to you.

Contact Micromatic, and inquire about our high torque rotary actuators, and let us show you more of what we can do for your construction machinery or industrial application – we’re the leader in custom engineered actuator and automated system solutions.