Industry Trusted Rotary Actuators

Whether you recognize us by the name Rotac® or Hyd-ro-ac®, Micromatic, LLC, has been manufacturing world-class rotary actuators for over 45 years. Since our start in 1929, we have been making a name for ourselves in the world of the manufacturing industry, particularly with our rotary actuators.

We manufacture rotary actuators that have either pneumatic or hydraulic capability. Actuators provide the muscle for your lifting, turning, indexing, opening, closing, clamping, mixing, bending, testing, steering, and whatever other applications you can think of. The number of possible applications is virtually limitless.

If it is a hydraulic system you are interested in, our line of hydraulic rotary actuators is sure to work for you. Our standard hydraulic systems come in 27 sizes and produce up to 700,000 in./lb. of torque at 3,000 psi.

Likewise, the standard pneumatic systems from Micromatic come in 11 sizes and produce up to 21,614 in./lb. of torque at 150 psi.

However, if your applications require actuators that function outside the standard lines, we can create the custom solutions you need. The experienced product design and engineering group at Micromatic can modify and/or design an actuator that specifically fits your unique requirements. For example, we have created special designs that are capable of up to 4,500,000 in./lb. of torque at 2,200 psi.

The products from Micromatic are made for machinery manufacturers who expect the highest level of performance and reliability. For more information on our lines of rotary actuators and how they can best serve you, contact us today.