Increase your Efficiencies with a Vision Inspection System from Micromatic LLC

Do you often run into problems with parts not matching the schematics that you have laid out? Are you getting higher than acceptable waste by having to dispose of several machined parts that are wrong? We understand this dilemma, and we’ve created something that we’re sure will help you. Our vision inspection systems are second to none when it comes to precision, and are a boon to any production line they’re added to.

Our system will be strategically installed at the critical junctures of your production line. When a part arrives, the cameras will photograph the piece and compare it to a baseline image it has in the system. If there are any discrepancies whatsoever, the system will immediately bring them to your employee’s attention. This allows them to take action to correct the error without losing an entire batch of parts and the time that would go into making them incorrectly.

Here at Micromatic, we’ve been helping people lower their overhead and increase their efficiencies since 1929. We’re positive that a partnership with us will be a perfect fit for you. Contact us today, and we’ll gladly go over all the details that a vision inspection system can bring to the table.