High Torque Rotary Actuators - World-Class, Reliable and Durable

At Micromatic, we offer a full range of actuators for a large variety of industrial applications. Our actuators are recognized for the best kind of quality, and reliability throughout the world. And our long life cycle actuators offer only the best in terms of durability -they're able to withstand unfavorable environmental conditions and operator usage.

For construction machinery applications, such as backhoe/excavator bucket rotation, drill rig boom positioning and more, our world-class Rotac® Hyd-ro-ac® high torque rotary actuators can be less costly, compact and have increased efficiency. Our high torque rotary actuators are powerful hydraulic system components, which provide a reduced overall footprint and elimination of linkages, or sprockets and chains.

And our high torque rotary actuators have no backlash, which means that there will be less wear and tear on internal parts. With no backlash, the high torque actuator will have more exact positioning and immediate response. Overall, they have improved reliability, increased efficiency and less maintenance with only one moving part.

Contact Micromatic, based here in Indiana. Ask about our high torque rotary actuators, and let us show you more of what they can do for your construction machinery, or industrial application - we're the leader in custom engineered industrial products and equipment.