High Torque and Powerful Rotary Actuators used in Ship Applications

Micromatic, based in Indiana, has world-class rotary actuators that can be used at the component level in many ship applications wherever high torque and compact size is needed.  We're known throughout the indistry for our highly recognized brand names, Rotac and Hyd-ro-ac. 
For hydraulic rotary actuators, our standard system comes in a variety of sizes.  With up to 27 different sizes, they can be used for countless applications, and they can produce an astonishing amount of torque for exceptional and powerful performance. 
Our product design group and seasoned engineers have developed just the right rotary actuator solution for you.  We have developed a ship steering actuator that produces 4,500,000 in-lbs of torque at 2200psi.
Contact Micromatic today and ask about our rotary actuators and how our staff can help support your process.  We're the source for all of your rotary actuator needs.