Factory Automation Can Easily Help Your Bottom Line

Why Do I Need to Automate?

The answer cannot be reached quickly. The decision to automate is surely a big milestone in any manufacturing business. Balancing the benefits and the drawbacks is key in determining a decision. Micromatic is here to help determine and implement an automated factory solution that you need. We provide an automated factory solution tailored to your business needs.

The benefits of a Micromatic Automation solution are many, and include the following:
  • Throughput and high efficiency- our equipment systems are capable of the highest parts per hour ratings in the industry.  This allows your process to achieve productions levels required in today’s global market place.
  • Traceability- through technologies such as RFID you are able to capture the identity of parts throughout their lifecycle and be able to ensure details about how each part is handled
  • Reduction of overall costs- our team can develop a system best matched to your processes and environment to take your productivity to the next level
  • Repeatability and Quality- high volume production of parts is only practical as those parts are delivered by machinery that produces consistently within defined parameters.
So what are the drawbacks of not automating your operations? Increased operating costs and inefficient uses of labor. With slower production tables, you need to stock more parts to fill orders, instead of leveraging JIT production to make what you need, when you need to deliver it. The associated problem with larger inventory is its required storage space.

Whether you are thinking about a semi-automatic process that blends human interaction and robotic assembly, or a fully automatic approach the design team at Micromatic is ready to begin when you are. We will work closely with you to implement a world-class automated factory solution that is cost effective and ready on time.

Contact Micromatic today to begin automating your manufacturing process and the options available to implement them.