Expertly Designed High Torque Hydraulic Actuator

Since its founding in 1929, Micromatic has developed a remarkable presence in the industry of high torque hydraulic  actuators, and automated assembly equipment. We’ve evolved as a world-class supplier of hydraulic customized rotary actuator solutions for low, to very high torque applications, and environments. You may recognize us by the industry renowned names Rotac and Hyd-ro-ac.

We don’t just offer high torque hydraulic actuators, but we also have pneumatic solutions, as well as others. Our seasoned and professional team of designers and engineers, who can develop solutions for virtually any requirement, further enforces our capability as an expert and industry recognized designer of customized hydraulic and pneumatic motor solutions.

No matter the application, we can design and implement a customized solution for you. Our high torque hydraulic actuators are used in a broad range of industrial applications throughout the world. Whether your industry is in automotive, material handling, utilities, construction, or heavy-duty, we have just the right thing. For example, we’ve designed a special rotary actuator solution that can do up to 4,500,000 in.-lb. of torque at 2,200 psi.

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