Ensure Perfection with a Vision Inspection System

With the continued innovations in camera-based vision systems, the days of laser scanners might as well be over. Using a vision inspection system as part of your gauging, verification, or inspection process has become just as feasible, if not more so. A vision inspection system has many advantages:
  • Cost Effective – Where continuous automated inspection is required as part of a statistical process control system
  • Flexibility – Many applications exist due to its inherent ability to be a stand-alone solution or part of an integrated automation process
Intended to capture a visual image, vision recognition systems can process through feature extraction, automatically recognize application-defined marks, characters, and other features in the image. Other general features that are common with our systems include:
  • A charge coupled device (CCD) camera
  • Memory to store digitized images
  • Recognition algorithms to recognize important features and compared to pre-defined values
The versatility of vision recognition systems is unparalleled. From microscopic to telephoto applications, Micromatic has successfully implemented this cost-saving technology in a variety of our automated factory solutions. Our engineers will collaborate with you to design, install, and test your automated solution using vision recognition system technology.

So increase your efficiency, achieve constant repeatability, and produce the highest-quality products you can. Exceed your customer’s requirements with a partnership with Micromatic. Contact us today to see what a Micro-Precision® solution using a vision surveillance system can bring to your business.