Electromechanical Automation Contractor

The economies of scale for electromechanical automation have been known for years. Proper design, detailed engineering, and correct installation are key components. With various options to select from the particular system your business needs depends factors like:
  • The volume/speed of product to be handled
  • Productivity needed
  • Product weight, size, and dimensions
  • Nature of the automation to be performed (Repetitious, hazardous, fragile)
There are many reasons electromechanical automation is a cost-effective option. It can, for instance, reduce the injury rate related to material handling or precisely move materials unachievable by human hands.

Micromatic has accomplished electromechanical automation for a wide range of industries and applications. Our automated applications are capable of parts assembly, material handling, to specialized custom solutions such as hot-plate welding.

Let our extensive automation provide solutions of varying complexity and integration. Micro-Precision® systems incorporate the latest technology including Vision, Air Gauging, and fiber optic elements. Contact us today to get started.