Efficient Automated Factory Solutions

Having an efficient automated system handling the flow of your production line makes for good business. An aspect that can greatly benefit from automated processes is quality control using automated factory systems. Automated factory systems can give a level of precision unmatched by the human eye.

You want reliable automated system, who do you trust? Our world-class Micro-Precision automated factory system solutions have built a reputation for dependability. We have incorporated the latest technologies in…
  • Vision
  • Mechanical Contact (LVDT)
  • Air gauging
  • Laser and fiber optic alignment
Proper verification and gauging will result in reliable, repeatable processes. It will also reduce the number of rejects and increase the quality of your parts. All of this brings increased revenue and reduced expenses. So what are you waiting for?

Contact us today and let us partner with you to design an automated factory system that will increase productivity and reduce wasted parts.