Dependable Position Actuators for All Applications

When looking for a dependable position actuator, you need to address a few concerns to verify that it will operate as you need; hysteresis and backlash. Position actuators that handle these characteristics of motion poorly will not met your specifications and produce inferior results.

Hysteresis pertains to an actuator’s “memory” reducing the effect of input, producing a lagging of output relative to its immediate input. This lagging effect wastes energy used to produce rotary motion as heat or vibration. This hesitation is usually small, but in position actuator applications even minute loss of motion creates measured inaccuracies. This is sometimes called rate-independent memory.

Backlash is another property that causes the loss of motion in a position actuator. Called play, or just lash movement at the end of motion is due to slackness of mating parts. This can be due to product wear or poor construction. High-precision positioning requires anti-backlash designs targeted to taking up the slack. This is very important in CNC operations for instance.

Micromatic designs its world-class rotary actuators with these two important factors in mind. Our full line of position actuators are manufactured and tested to meet the most stringent of specifications. Contact us today to find out more about our position actuator capabilities.