Cutting-Edge Technology with Our Automated Test Systems

At Micromatic, we have set the standard for automated test systems. Our automated test systems can be used in a wide array of industries, and applications. For example, engine, turbine, power transmission, electrical equipment, plus vehicle engine and transmission applications and industries.

Our automated test systems also can work in a wide range of solutions, from individual stations to full turnkey systems. They can be also used for standard or custom assembly and verification applications. They encompass everything from parts assembly, material handling, verification, gauging and specialized operations like hot-plate welding.
And with our integrated Micro-Precision® system, you will get an automated test system with the latest and greatest technology, which is able to do all kinds of testing. From verification, gauging, and feature recognition. Our Micro-Precision® technology integrates the latest, cutting-edge technology that fully utilizes vision, mechanical contact (LVDT), air gauging, laser and fiber optic elements.

Whatever your automated test system need, our process and technology can meet it. Our automation systems can help you produced the highest quality products, that expertly meet or exceed all of your requirements. They can also help increase efficiency, achieve the best reliability and repeatability, and reduce cycle time.

Contact Micromatic, and ask about what our automated test systems can do for you, and your specific application.