Custom or Standard Rotating Actuators for Every Application

Rotary actuators are able to help your equipment perform in some amazing ways. They bring a lot of benefits to the table as well. They can be small, compact, durable, and their incredibly easy to maintain. All of this leads to your equipment performing at a high level, allowing you to get more things done for longer periods of time without slowing down.

We’ve got plenty of rotating actuator models that we’ve designed over the last several years. These lines of out-of-the-box actuators are perfect for most application needs. However, as anyone in the engineering field understands, standard doesn’t always work. We’ve got that covered as well, and can fully customize an actuator to meet the exact specifications that your equipment needs to perform.

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to go over all of the details of our rotating actuators. We’ll take a look at your application, and be able to offer you the best solution possible. A partnership with Micromatic is key to getting the very best performance possible from your equipment and procedures.