Considerations When Designing a Rotary Actuator

Picking the right rotary actuator for the job is vital to any hydraulic solution. There is a list of options to choose from when determining the correct actuator for the task.

When you need a rotary motion between two fixed points a basic rotary actuator will suffice. Adding the need to have fixed points in which to stop, a multi-position actuator is the right one. These types commonly have three positions, but can have four or even five. Rotational motion in one direction in steps or hard stops demands an indexed actuator. If you don’t want hard stops then a stepping actuator is the device of choice.

Having picked the right type of rotary actuator there are a few other considerations. Rotation angle is an important characteristic to address. Some actuator designs have inherent rotation limitations. Torque requirements would need to be accounted for as well. With all these factors, and more, who do you turn to? Micromatic.

Micromatic LLC, will work with you to design, test, and implement your rotary actuator solution. Pick from our list of Rotac Hyd-ro-ac actuators or we can create a custom-made actuator to meet your needs. ISO 9001:2008 certification and eighty years of experience are proof we are a world-class rotary actuator manufacturer. Whatever you need in actuators or automated assembly, Micromatic is up to the task. Let our helpful staff get you started.