Automated Assembly Solutions for Every Factory

Is your production floor stuck in the 90s still? Has technology left you in the dust, threatening your efficiency and wreaking havoc with your bottom line? Then you’re in luck! Here at Micromatic, we’ve been in the automation and actuator business since 1929. This has put us in the best position to provide our clients with the most up-to-date automation solutions for their production line imaginable.

By having an automated solution integrated into your existing production line, you’re going to be able to reap multiple benefits immediately. These include:
  • Traceability. Make sure that you know the exact stages that your products are at throughout the entire process. By using technologies such as RFID, you’ll easily be able to see where it’s been and what’s happened to it.
  • High Throughput. We’re proud to say that our automation systems are able to push out the highest parts per hour ratings that you’ll find on the market today. This means that you’ll be able to easily enhance your productivity levels and ensure that you’ll be able to meet and exceed your projections.
  • Lower Your Overhead. By adding automation to your production line, you’ll be able to make sure that each part is created the same each and every time. This means you’ll have a larger amount of time cranking out high-quality parts with lower downtime, less repetitive injury risks, and lower wasted materials.
  • Dependable Repeatability. Create the highest quality products time after time, allowing you to create a reputation of being the best part manufacturer in your respective field.
If you’d like more information on any of our automated assembly solutions, please contact us today. We’ll be more than happy to sit down with you and cover all the ins and outs of what our systems can bring to the table, and come up with the perfect solution for your production line.