Auto Manufacturer Selects Micromatic as Automation Systems Integrator

Micromatic has been selected by a major North American auto manufacturer as the automation systems integrator for piston and connecting rod assembly as well as select-fit rod crankbore bearing installation.  The equipment will self-adapt to a variety of parts for 2 different engine families automatically, such that a batch-of-one engine can be produced from either family of engines.  As automation systems integrator  Micro-Precision® equipment can satisfy the requirements of individual work stations, as well as complete turnkey systems meant for entire assembly lines.  Our history in custom-engineered industrial products and equipment goes all the way back to 1929. Since then, we have built upon our solid reputation.  We have become the best automation systems integrator for high quality manufacturing systems and industrial products.  Our capabilities as a automation systems integrator can be used in a wide array of industries and applications, including engines, turbines, piston and piston rod, vehicle transmissions, appliances, and packaging.  Our automation systems integrator experience in equipment building cover a wide variety of tasks, including parts assembly, material handling, verification, gauging and for specialized operations such as hot plate welding.  We can help you create the most efficient assembly, test and verification elements using our superior knowledge and expertise in the business of custom-engineered industrial machineryWe also incorporate the latest technology as an automation systems integrator.  We utilize many cutting-edge elements like vision, mechanical contract (LVDT), air gauging, laser, fiber optics and more. Contact Micromatic based in Indiana, and let us show you what our Micro-Precision® automation systems integrator capabilities can do in your specific applications.