07/27/2016Vision Inspection Systems Can Watch Carefully Over Your Production Line
 Here at Micromatic, we’ve been designing and developing vision inspection systems for factories to provide them with a second set of eyes at the crucial junctures of the production process.
07/20/2016Automated Assembly Solutions for Every Factory
 Here at Micromatic, we’ve been in the automation and actuator business since 1929. This has put us in the best position to provide our clients with the most up-to-date automation solutions for their production line imaginable.
07/13/2016Rotary Actuator Products in Custom and Standard Options
 We’ve been in the industry of rotary actuators and automated assembly solutions since the early 1900s. As the years have gone by, we’ve sharpened our saw by staying on top of the latest technological advances.
07/06/2016Material Handling Solutions will Help Increase your Productivity
 Here at Micromatic LLC, we’ve developed material handling solutions that are the perfect fit for most industries.
05/24/2016Vision Inspection Systems Perfect for your Production Line
 One of the big things that we can help you with during your assembly process is to install a vision inspection system at critical junctures.
05/10/2016Rotary Actuators for Equipment of All Types
 When it comes to rotary actuators, you’ll not find a better company to purchase them from than here at Micromatic LLC.
04/27/2016Material Handling Systems for Industries of Every Variety
 Here at Micromatic, our engineers have years of experience in creating the perfect material handling systems for industries of all types.
04/20/2016Automated Assembly Solutions from Micromatic LLC
 Here at Micromatic LLC, we strive to provide our clients with the most up to date advancements in automated assembly solution technology.
04/13/2016Rotary Actuators for Heavy Equipment of all Types
 Rotary actuators are the perfect part when your equipment needs to be able to lift, move, or handle a huge load while remaining compact with a small footprint.
04/06/2016Ensure High Quality with a Vision Inspection System
 Here at Micromatic, one of our specialties is automation. We’ve found that by installing cameras at critical junctures of the production process, we can help you stay on top of your assembly process easily and quickly.
02/25/2016South Adams Machine Trades Tour
South Adams Machine Trades students tour Micromatic! 
01/27/2016Automated Assembly Solutions for all your Production Line Needs
 When you’re looking to increase your productivity, an automated assembly solution from Micromatic LLC is just the thing you need.
01/20/2016Factory Automation for All Types of Production Plants
 Here at Micromatic LLC, our engineers are experts at being able to determine which points of your process would be a good fit for factory automation systems. After all, we’ve been creating and installing them since 1929.
01/13/2016Rotary Actuators Over 10,000 RPM
 We can easily create a rotary actuator solution for you that pushes 10,000 rpm and higher. This pretty much means that no matter what application you need an actuator for; we’ve got the capabilities you need.
01/06/2016Keep your Quality High with a Vision Inspection System from Micromatic LLC
 A vision inspection system will help ensure that your production line is running as quickly and properly as can be with less downtime or messed up products.
12/22/2015Micromatic Has the Right Job For You!
12/22/2015Life's Better Here! Micromatic LLC in Berne!
12/03/2015Material Handling Systems and Solutions for your Production Line
 When it comes to getting your parts, materials, and products from one end of the production line to the next, there’s no better way than by employing a sophisticated material handling system.
11/26/2015Vision Inspection Systems Help in a Number of Ways
 By having an inspection system installed at the critical junctures of your production line, you can practically guarantee that each piece and part will be of the right specifications and construction.
11/19/2015Come to the Rotary Actuator Experts for all your Application Needs
 When it comes to finding the perfect rotary actuator for your equipment needs, there’s no better place to turn to than right here at Micromatic.
11/12/2015Automated Assembly Solutions and Systems from Micromatic LLC
 Here at Micromatic LLC, we’re able to help you with your production line by installing the best automated assembly solutions available on the market today.
10/29/2015Ensure Perfection with a Vision Inspection System
 The versatility of vision recognition systems is unparalleled. From microscopic to telephoto applications, Micromatic has successfully implemented this cost-saving technology in a variety of our automated factory solutions.
10/22/2015Increase your Productivity with Material Handling Solutions from Micromatic
 Material handling solutions from Micromatic are industry renowned for their robust functionality and quality construction. Find out how we can help you!
10/15/2015Factory Automation for Every Company
 Factory automation is a fantastic way to increase the production of your processes as well as increase the safety and quality of your parts.
10/08/2015Custom and Standard Rotary Actuators
 We have quite a few ‘off-the-shelf’ models that you can choose from. These actuators are perfect for most of your out of the box needs.
09/24/2015Automation Application Solutions for your Production Line
 Are you looking to get some more umph out of your daily production line? Consider an automation application solution from Micromatic LLC to help with your efficiency.
06/22/2015Material Handling Systems Will Help Get your Products Moving
 Material handling is one of the biggest tasks that every production line faces. After all, each piece needs to be moved to several work stations before it’s a completed product. We here at Micromatic specialize in helping companies with them.
06/15/2015Never Miss a Thing with a Vision Inspection System from Micromatic LLC
 When it comes to your production line, you want to make sure that you parts are being assembled correctly throughout the entire run. A vision inspection system will help you accomplish that.
06/08/2015Automated Assembly Can Improve your Bottom Line
 One of the things that you’re always thinking about as a production manager is how to improve the efficiencies of your line. Automated assembly systems can help you with this.
06/01/2015Custom or Standard Rotating Actuators for Every Application
 We’ve got plenty of rotating actuator models that we’ve designed over the last several years. Standard or fully custom models available.
05/25/2015Rotary Actuators Perfect for Every Industry Application
 Our standard line of pneumatic and hydraulic actuators is perfect for the vast majority of tasks. Find out how they can easily fit into your design requirements.
05/18/2015Increase your Efficiencies with a Vision Inspection System from Micromatic LLC
Our vision inspection systems are second to none when it comes to precision, and are a boon to any production line they’re added to.
05/11/2015Material Handling Systems are Perfect for Large and Uniquely Shaped Parts
 If a piece is too unwieldy for a normal human, than having a material handling system added to move, twist and handle the part is just what the engineer called for.
05/04/2015Automated Assembly Solutions from Micromatic LLC
 Here at Micromatic, we’ve been helping factory and parts production companies reduce their costs, production time and increase their safety for decades.
04/27/2015Vision Inspection Systems are Perfect for Every Production Line
 Keep your production line moving with a vision inspection system designed by the expert engineers at Micromatic LLC.
04/20/2015Rotary Actuators for Every Application
 Rotary actuators make up the backbone of a lot of important moving parts on heavy equipment and automated assembly lines. We’ve got the perfect actuators that you need for your application.
04/13/2015Automated Assembly Solutions are our Specialty
 Improve your production line’s efficiency with an automated assembly solution from the experts here at Micromatic LLC.
04/06/2015Various Material Handling Systems for your Production Line
 Here at Micromatic, we’ve integrated material handling systems into a whole host of production lines including, conveying systems, gantry systems, and robotic assisted systems.
12/22/2014Position Actuators are Great under Extreme Conditions
 If you’re looking for a position actuator solution for even the most extreme appliations, Micromatic LLC has you covered.
12/15/2014Increase the Efficiency of your Factory with an Automated Assembly System
 One easy way to increase the efficiency of your factory is to have an automated assembly system installed. Here at Micromatic, we’re the exact right people for this task.
12/08/2014Rotary Actuators from the Leader in the Industry
 Micromatic is a recognized world-class producer of rotary actuators and automated assembly equipment. Find out how we can help you with you application's needs.
12/01/2014Material Handling Solutions for the Experts at Micromatic LLC
 Material handling solutions are the perfect way to perform those repetitive or dangerous tasks in a timely and efficient manner.
11/24/2014Automated Assembly Systems Keep your Product Moving
 By implementing automated assembly processes, you’re ensuring that each and every part of your production process is being performed identically and quickly each time.
11/17/2014The Best Rotary Actuators for any Application
 Rotary actuators are what we’re known for. Since our creation, we’ve been working diligently on our designs and applications.
11/10/2014Vision Inspection Systems Keep your System Moving
 Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to sit down and talk with you about how a vision inspection system can easily be incorporated into existing automated assembly systems.
11/03/2014Material Handling Systems from the Experts at Micromatic LLC
 Contact us today, and we’ll discuss all the benefits that a material handling system can bring to your factory. Our engineers have years of experience in maximizing the effectiveness of companies assembly processes.
10/09/2014Material Handling Solutions from Micromatic LLC
 By automating your material handling requirements, you can easily increase your output and reduce overhead. It's also a great way to increase the safety of your processes.
10/02/2014Factory Automation and Inspection Systems
 Factory automation services and inspection systems are just one of the offerings we have that confirm our engineering expertise.
08/13/2014High Torque Actuators are Perfect for Many Applications
 Actuators are great for many applications, and the high torque variety are extremely useful. Find out how we can help by contacting us today.
08/06/2014Vision Inspection Systems Help your Precision
 You need a way to ensure that none of your parts are getting through the line in a defective state. A vision inspection system from Micromatic is the exact answer for this problematic situation.
07/30/2014Improve Factory Efficiency with an Automated System
 Here at Micromatic, we’ve made automating factory floors one of our specialties. Our engineer team has all the experience and knowledge needed to take a look at your current processes and incorporate ways to automate them.
07/23/2014Rotary Actuators for all your Equipment Needs
 Rotary actuators are a common component to a lot of heavy equipment machines and factory automation systems. They’re able to create the same range of motion that other solutions can provide, but they take up a fraction of the space.
07/11/2014Vision Inspection Systems can Keep your Production Line Moving
 Protect your production line and delivery timelines with a vision inspection system from Micromatic LLC.
07/04/2014Rotary Actuators in a Variety of Sizes for both Pneumatic and Hydraulic
 Our experience in the field has given us the capability of creating the finest, most durable rotary actuators that you can find. We have an incredible array of standard actuators that come in both hydraulic and pneumatic formats.
06/27/2014Oscillating Rotary Actuators can be a Boon
 Oscillating actuators are a great answer for tasks that require repeatability, precision, and durability.
06/20/2014Automated Assembly can be a Huge Timesaver
 You want to make sure that your production line is running as optimal as possible, and here at Micromatic LLC we can help you get there with an automated assembly system.
05/26/2014Custom and Standard Pneumatic Rotary Actuators
 If our standard actuator designs don’t work for your equipment, we can create fully customized pneumatic rotary actuators as well.
05/19/2014Robotic Material Handling Solutions can Help with your Production Line
 When it comes to repetitive tasks, making sure that parts are properly lined up, or transferring parts that are just too big and bulky for humans to realistically do in an efficient manner, you want to look into a robotic material handling solution.
03/03/2014Factory Automation System Integration
 By automating the manufacturing process, you can easily lower the chance of a dangerous accident for your workers and increase the productivity of your factory.
02/24/2014We’ve got Rotary Actuators for Every Application
 Here at Micromatic, our engineers have decades of experience in creating the finest, sturdiest, and most durable rotary actuators in the business.
02/17/2014A Vision Inspection System can be exactly what you Need in 2014
 Keep a close eye on your production line quality with an integrated vision inspection system designed by Micromatic.
02/10/2014Oscillating Actuators are Great at Saving Manufacturing Floor Space
 Since floor space comes at a premium, you’re going to need to find ways to maximize the real estate that you have available. This is where our compact oscillating actuators can come into play.
01/27/2014Oscillating Actuators Can Be Customized for your Application
 When it comes to creating the perfect oscillating actuator, we here at Micromatic have the experience and knowledge on how to design them.
01/20/2014Factory Automation Solutions Perfectly Designed for your Building
 Here at Micromatic, we have many, many years of helping companies with their automated factory systems.
01/13/2014Rotary Actuators with the Customizations you Need
 Rotary actuators are an integral part of many applications where there needs to be a wide range of motion, yet at the same time provide the reliability and durability needed for constant usage.
01/06/2014Material Handling Systems can Help Streamline your Process
 Robotic material handling systems offer efficiencies unattainable using traditional hand labor. Micromatic can help you with this by designing a system for you.
12/23/2013Vision Inspection Systems Designed Specifically for Your Process
 We’ll work with your crew to develop the best possible vision inspection system for your production line.
12/16/2013Looking for High Torque Actuators? Look No Further Than Micromatic
 High torque actuators are an important part of your equipment and load bearing machines.
12/09/2013Automated Test Systems will help you Keep your Quality Products High
 We've become the best source for high quality and full-range automated test systems that will help you to keep your products at the best caliber possible.
12/02/2013Top-Notch Rotary Actuators Perfect for your Applications
 At Micromatic, we’ve designed and created only the best rotary actuators available on the market today. Find out how we can assist you with your needs.
11/25/2013Robotic Material Handling Systems are Easy to Put in Place for the Experts at Micromatic
 With decades of experience at our backs, the engineers here at Micromatic are able to create the best robotic material handling system available for your factory.
10/28/2013We have the Vane Rotary Actuators for your Equipment
 We can provide you with the one or two vane rotary actuators that you need to get the most out of your equipment.
10/21/2013Robotic Material Handling Solution from the Experts at Micromatic LLC
 As technology has grown in the robotics field, it has become a much more viable solution for material handling needs in industrial settings.
10/14/2013Factory Automation Systems Tailored for you Specific Needs
 Automating your factory can help you to reduce the time it takes to create your parts, and lower the overhead associated with it.
10/07/2013Cylinder Actuators can Help with a Wide Variety of Tasks
 Cylinder actuators work similarly to other actuators, but they bring their own unique properties to potential applications.
09/23/2013Maximize your Equipment’s Potential with Actuators
 Here at Micromatic, we are a trusted source of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators for nearly any industry. We have several designs that can be used for most standard applications, and we can also work with you to create custom applications.
09/16/2013Utilize Automation Systems for your Factory
 Automation can help to make things faster, simpler, and more accurate no matter what the application. When it comes to factory settings, automating your assembly processes can be a giant boon to your bottom line.
09/16/2013Micromatic Chowcases Automation Technology at ATX 2013
Micromatic had their latest automation technology on display at ATX 2013 September 10-12 at McCormick Place in Chicago.  Highlighting the event was a new demonstration unit that portrays they capabilities of the automation systems including details such as reduced cycle time, easy to operate-maintain-troubleshoot, modularity, control of work flow, and flexibility to change.  To see these systems check out our YouTube Channel.  Or simply contact us!
09/09/2013Our Experience with Rotary Actuators is your Gain
 We have a lot of options available for clients when it comes to rotary actuators applications. Our engineers will work closely with your team to find the perfect fit for you.
09/02/2013Integrate a Vision Inspection System into your Process Today
 Are you having problems when it comes to verifying products that have an acceptable amount of variance in their creation? You might be pleased to hear that we have a way to prevent this from happening by accentuating your procedures with a vision inspection system
08/26/2013Rotary Actuators can be a Major Boon
 Rotary actuators are an extremely useful component when it comes to machinery and repetitive tasks.
08/19/2013Vision Inspection System s Increase Quality and Productivity
 Combine our intimate knowledge of factory automation with vision inspection and obtain previously unheard of cost savings and production speed.
08/12/2013Robotic Material Handling Can Help Any Production Line
 Micromatic merges the latest technology with our time-proven designs. Our verification and feature recognition capabilities are top-of-the-line.
08/05/2013Dependable Position Actuators for All Applications
 Our full line of position actuators are manufactured and tested to meet the most stringent of specifications.
07/29/2013Vision Inspection Systems Help Keep Things on Track
 Our vision inspection systems allow the factory automation products we create to provide greater efficiency and reliability than the competition.
07/24/201321 Alive/33 News InSight Interview & "Life's Better Here" Commerical
 21 Alive/33 News InSight Interview & "Life's Better Here" Commerical
07/22/2013Rotary Actuators with Custom Applications
 All of our rotary actuators can be developed to work with your exact custom application in mind. Find out more inside.
07/15/2013Factory Automation Process Can Help Your Bottom Line
 Micromatic LLC is ready to design a factory automation product that meets and exceeds your requirements in product quality and transport.
07/08/2013Dependable and Reliable Factory Automation Solutions
 When it comes to increasing your overall productivity and removing potentially hazardous work accidents, there’s no better solution than to implement an automated assembly system.
06/20/2013Vision Inspection Systems Make a Great Addition to Any Automated System
 Lower the amount of wasted material, provide superior quality in your products and streamline your manufacturing process with a vision inspection system solution from Micromatic LLC.
06/13/2013Rotary Actuators for All Industries and Applications
 Rotary actuators provide the backbone to your automated processes, material handling systems, your custom applications, and many more production systems.
06/06/2013Factory Automation by Experienced Engineers
 Factory automation can help lower your bottom line by making sure that your parts are consistently correct and created quickly and steadily.
05/30/2013Increase your Productivity with Automated Material Handling Solutions
 Robotic material handling is a great way to increase your productivity. You can create more parts and products in the same amount of time, all while keeping your employment costs the same.
05/23/2013Factory Automation Solutions Tailored for your Business
 Factory automation can be a great boon to any industrial factory, especially when it comes to automating some of the more dangerous tasks.
05/20/2013Micromatic Supports South Adams / Area 18 Machine Trades
Micromatic donated t-shirts to the South Adams / Area 18 Machine Trades program.
05/17/2013Theta Tau-IPFW Visits Micromatic
  Theta Tau from IPFW was here Friday May 17th touring our facility. This group consisted of a mix of engineers all pursuing different fields. 
05/03/2013Pneumatic Rotary Actuators Information from Micromatic
 Pneumatic rotary actuators are some of the most versatile pieces of equipment around.
04/26/2013Northeast Indiana High School Machining Challenge
Area 18 / South Adams Machine Trades participated in the Northeast Indiana High School Machining Challenge.
04/20/2013Area 18 / South Adams Machines Trades Class 2013 SkillsUSA Competition
 Area 18 / South Adams Machine Trades participated in the 2013 SkillsUSA State Competition.
04/19/2013Ensure Top Quality Parts with a Vision Inspection System
 A vision inspection system is a great component for any automation system. They allow for your processes to work quickly, while still ensuring that the quality of the parts being constructed remain spot on.
04/12/2013Micromatic Visits South Adams Principles of Engineering Class
Micromatic visited South Adams Principles of Engineering class to observe presentations of a project they do each year involving machines controls. The students designed and built machines that sort three spherical objects (wooden balls, marbles, ball bearings, etc.) and programmed them using ROBOTC.
Thank you to Mrs. Dobler, the Project Lead the Way teacher for inviting Micromatic to be a part of this every year.
04/12/2013Industry Leading Rotary Actuators
 When it comes to finding a partner for your rotary actuator needs, you want a company that has a history of precision machining, a staff of experienced engineers, and fantastic customer support. You want Micromatic LLC.
04/11/2013IPFW NICE Career Fair
Micromatic attended the 2013 Northeast Indiana Career Enrichment Fair (NICE) held at the new IPFW Athletic Fieldhouse. The event was busy with job seeking students and public attendees as 120 employers attended the fair. Employer participation was increased by around 40% compared to last year. The NICE fair is organized by a board of local colleges including Huntington University, University of Saint Francis, Indiana Tech, Trine University, Grace College, Ivy Tech and Manchester University.
04/05/2013Oscillating Actuators Can Help You Save Floor Space
 Looking for oscillating actuators to overcome your floor or application space challenges? Oscillating actuators designed and manufactured by Micromatic provide the space-saving power and control you need.
03/29/2013Improve your Efficiency with a Comprehensive Factory Automation Solution
 Every manufacturing business owner knows that providing clients with top-quality products in a timely manner is key to building a successful operation. An automation system for your factory can be exactly the solution for you.
03/18/2013Customized Factory Automation Systems
 Are larger production runs, lower costs per part, and top-of-the-line quality requirements for your production line? Then a factory automation solution is the perfect fit for you.
03/11/2013Partner with the Best Rotary Actuator Manufacturer in the Industry
 We here at Micromatic have been working on creating the best rotary actuators for going on 50 years now. And every step along the way, we’ve been concentrating on innovation and customer service.
03/09/20132013 TechFest
Micromatic participated in TechFest a full-day video game tournament and team problem solving event, allowing high school students to showcase their skills while networking with area colleges and business leaders.
03/04/2013Micro-Precision: Vision Inspection Systems to Help your Bottom Line
 Quality control is of the utmost importance when it comes to any manufacturing company. We can help you get the best quality possible with our vision inspection system: Micro-Precision.
02/25/2013Material Handling Solutions
 Transport your products efficiently with a robotic material handling solution from Micromatic LLC.
02/21/2013Woodside Student Visit to Micromatic

On Friday February 15th, we had Kolin Davis a Woodside Middle School student tour the Micromatic facility.

Kolin recently took a national math exam and finished in the top 5% in the nation.

He is also a member of an award winning Lego Robotics team that developed a facial expressions recognition robot for Alzheimer patients. His interests are in robotics but he is still undecided if that is the direction he wants to go in for a career.

Kolin was accompanied by Jack Gaylord a mentor for gifted students and a retired Mechanical Engineer from International Harvester.

02/18/2013Our Pneumatic Actuators Can Help You
 You may not have the resources needed to design, develop and test a large assortment of hydraulic or pneumatic rotary actuator solutions in-house. That’s where Micromatic LLC shines.
02/11/2013Keep an Eye on Your Products with a Vision Inspection System from Micromatic LLC
 When it comes to automating your production line, you may be wondering how you can ensure that your products are still being produced with the exact measurements and angles each and every time. The answer is a vision inspection system.
02/04/2013Rotary Actuator Design and Implementation
 When you look at the heart of your production line, automated material handling systems, and specialized applications, you often find rotary actuators.
01/28/2013Factory Automation Improvements are Only a Call Away
 If you are looking for a way to lower the overhead of your factory automation systems, then you have come to the right place. We have years of experience in creating automation systems for clients just like you.
01/11/2013Rotary Actuators can Assist with Many Applications
 Rotary actuators are a fantastic way to save space and obtain a much greater arc than a typical cylinder can provide.
01/04/2013Factory Automation Can Easily Help Your Bottom Line
 Consider automating your factory processes in order to provide safe, repeatable processes that will help you reduce costs and downtime.
12/28/2012Vane Rotary Actuators Solutions
 Vane rotary actuators are just one of the methods to create rotational motion for industrial applications.
12/21/2012Robotic Material Handling Solutions
 When it comes to factory efficiency, there’s a lot to be gained by changing to a robotic material handling solution. Micromatic can assist you in accomplishing exactly that.
12/14/2012Streamline your Processes with Robotic Material Handling
 At Micromatic, LLC, our goal is to help you create the most efficient assembly, test, and verification elements using the latest technologies and capabilities for manufacturing your products. When it comes to designing, developing, and installing the right automated manufacturing process for you, rest assured that Micromatic has the knowledge and experience needed to provide the best solution for you.
12/07/2012Get a Handle on Factory Automation
 Micromatic provides time-tested factory automation solutions tailored to your specific needs. Factory automation enables the work currently being done by human hands to be replaced by machine automation.
11/30/2012Maximize your Space with Oscillating Actuators
 Our compact oscillating actuators are perfect when floor space is at a premium. Expertly designed and rugged construction our oscillating actuators get the job done; time and time again.
11/23/2012Industry Trusted Rotary Actuators
 Whether you recognize us by the name Rotac® or Hyd-ro-ac®, Micromatic, LLC, has been manufacturing world-class rotary actuators for over 45 years.
11/16/2012Boost Efficiency with Factory Automation Systems
 An aspect that can greatly benefit from automated processes is quality control using automated factory systems. Automated factory systems can give a level of precision unmatched by the human eye.
11/09/2012Robotic Material Handling Can Improve Processes
 Robotic material handling can help you streamline your processes, increasing productivity and the quality of your products.
11/02/2012Proper Placement and Installation of Rotary Actuators
 Rotary actuators are the workhorse of your production line, automated material handling system, or specialized application. Proper installation of your rotary actuator is vital to reliable operation.
10/15/2012We Can Help with Rotary Actuators for Almost any Application
 Rotary actuators are versatile machines that have virtually endless applications. From mining machinery, heavy-duty construction equipment, automated material handling solutions, and many more.
10/12/2012Semi Automatic Assembly and Verify Equipment for Engine Assembly by Micromatic
Micromatic engine assembly technology for automation.

10/08/2012Efficient Automated Factory Solutions
 An aspect that can greatly benefit from automated processes is quality control using automated factory systems. Automated factory systems can give a level of precision unmatched by the human eye.
10/01/2012Position Actuators Made to your Specifications
 We here at Micromatic LLC are known for our world-class position actuators, and our history of creating top-of-the-line position actuator solutions for our clients speaks for itself.
09/24/2012Cutting-Edge Technology with Our Automated Test Systems
 Micromatic is the source for automated test systems that integrate cutting-edge technology and full turnkey solutions. They are capable of just about anything, from parts assembly, material handling, verification, gauging and more.
09/18/2012Micromatic Presents Rotary Actuators and Automation Technology at IMTS 2012
The International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world, with more than 1,900 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors. The event is held every two years in September at McCormick Place, Chicago.  Micromatic presented products from both the rotary actuator and the automation lines for the show during the week of September 10-15, 2012.
08/16/2012Vision Test Systems
 Micromatic’s vision test system is designed to increase part conformity and improve part quality.
08/09/2012Factory Automation Solutions
 If you are looking to automate your factory, consider us here at Micromatic.
08/02/2012Custom Rotary Actuators for your Specifications
 Rotary Actuators designed by Micromatic LLC deliver the power and control you want.
07/30/2012Position Actuator Design
 Our position actuators are designed by some of the top engineers in the industry. Read on to learn how a Micromatic actuator can help you ...
07/26/2012Robotic Material Handling Simplifies Your Processes
 Make an economical decision when you have identified that an automated solution is the right answer for your business. Micromatic will find the solution you need.
07/23/2012Rotary Actuator Applications
 Micromatic LLC has been designing and creating high-quality rotary actuators for over 4 decades, and we know we can help you as well.
06/25/2012Vision Inspection System
 Improving production performance and product quality is what a vision inspection system by Micromatic does. Read on to learn more...
06/18/2012Automated Test System
 Micromatic’s automated test systems are proven to increase productivity and efficiency. Read on to learn more…
06/13/2012Micromatic Re-certified ISO 9001:2008
 ISO certification brings customer satisfaction to the forefront.  Learn more about Micromatic's experience and intentions!
06/11/2012High Torque Rotary Actuators
 High torque rotary actuators made by Micromatic are reliable and durable giving you a peace of mind knowing your machinery will run reliably.
06/04/2012Pneumatic Actuator Applications
 Micromatic has been servicing businesses across the world for over 80 years. We are able to create actuators for any pneumatic actuator applications.
05/21/2012World-Class Pneumatic Actuator
 Our lines of pneumatic actuators are guaranteed to suit your needs. We also can construct an actuator to fit any application.
05/14/2012Turnkey Robotic Material Handling Solution
 For a complete turnkey automated solution in robotic material handling look no further than Micromatic.
05/07/2012World-Class Rotary Actuator Solutions
 Micromatic world-class rotary actuators perform like no other.
04/30/2012Bring the Best for Your Factory Automation
 Your bottom line is extremely important. Thus, you want to make sure you have the proper equipment in place to maximize your productivity and reduce overhead costs. A factory automation system from us can help you accomplish just that.
03/02/2012High Pressure Hydraulic Rotary Actuator
 Micromatic hydraulic rotary actuator designs provide the muscle and dependability today's manufacturing and niche market applications require.
02/27/2012Rotating Actuators Unveiled!
02/23/2012Hydraulic Rotary Actuators for in Part Fatigue Testing Systems
 Our hydraulic rotary actuators are ideal for testing automotive system applications.
02/16/2012Rotary Actuators Built to Custom Specifications
 The experts at Micromatic understand automatic material handling, mobile machinery, and production line applications need dependable rotary actuators.
02/09/2012Custom Factory Automation Solutions
 Micromatic's Micro-Precision® factory automation solutions allow for better use of labor, greater productivity, and achieve lower operational costs.
01/26/2012Piston To Rod Assembly Process
01/05/2012Micromatic welcomes Penn-Air & Hydraulics
01/04/2012Micromatic Company Overview Video
09/28/2011Rotary Actuator Manufacturer
 Built to perform, built to last – our rotary actuators are known throughout the world to stand for reliability and repeatability.
09/21/2011Form a Partnership for Superior Robotic Material Handling
 Micromatic provides ideal robotic material handling solutions using the latest technologies and collaborative engineering. Get a comprehensive material handling solution ideal for your unique conditions.
09/14/2011Testing Oscillating Actuator Manufacturer
 Consisting of an aluminum alloy body and machined with precision, our rotating actuators are dependable motors to apply oscillating motion to a variety of applications.
09/07/2011Factory Automation Tailored to You
 Effective implementation of a robust factory automation solution is just what Micromatic provides.
08/31/2011Rotary Actuator Options from Micromatic
 With ever increasing demand for more efficient product handling, positioning, and indexing required - we consistently incorporate improved design, streamlined development and rapid deployment of our world-class rotary actuators around the globe.
08/02/2011Join us at the Assembly and Automation Technology Expo
07/20/2011Rotary Actuators
 Whether you recognize us by the name Rotac® or Hyd-ro-ac®, Micromatic, LLC, has been manufacturing world-class rotary actuators for over 45 years.
07/13/2011Compact Oscillating Actuators
 When space limitations hinder your options for an oscillating actuator solution, consider a rotary actuator motor. Their compact design coupled with Micromatic's tradition of rotary actuator fabrication is a winning combination.
05/18/2011Three Models of Position Actuators from Micromatic
 You want a dependable position actuator. To be sure you are you are getting a cost effective product you need to know about characteristics that can hinder your actuator’s performance.
05/04/2011Parts Handling Equipment Solutions
 The experts in rotary actuators are also accomplished parts handling equipment designers as well. Parts handling equipment solutions by Micromatic incorporate superior engineering...
04/20/2011MP Series of Rotary Actuators
 Here's a look at our reliable MP series of rotary actuators. Read on to learn more.
04/07/2011Position Actuators that Handle Hysteresis and Backlash
 Hysteresis and backlash. Position actuators that handle these characteristics of motion poorly will not met your specifications and produce inferior results.
03/31/2011Aiding your Mining Operations: Rotac ® High Torque Rotary Actuators
 Micromatic produces some of the most well-known high torque rotary actuators in the industry. The high torque rotary actuators that we make are renowned for their durability, service life, and resistance to environmental elements
03/10/2011Rotary Vane Actuators for Waste Handling Equipment
 Micromatic world-class rotary actuators are ideal for mobile equipment applications such as waste handling equipment.
01/28/2011Rotary Vane Actuators used in Steel Production
 Our world-class Rotac® Hyd-ro-ac® high torque rotary actuators are reliable and efficient. They can be used for extreme environmental applications such as in rolling mills for steel production.
01/21/2011Get a World-class Solution to your High Torque Actuator Needs
 Our world-class Rotac® Hyd-ro-ac® high torque rotary actuators are reliable and efficient. They can be used for a wide range of applications, and for construction machinery such as valve operation, boom rotation, steering, and more.
01/14/2011Electromechanical Automation Contractor
 When selecting the proper electromechanical automation solution several factors determine the right system. Read more about these important factors.
12/22/2010Micromatic Range of Products
 Micromatic has an extensive range of actuators for heavy duty industrial and equipment applications.
11/22/2010MPJ Rotary Hydraulic Actuator in a Rollover Trim Press
 This is an excellent opportunity to see an MPJ actuator in operation.
10/29/2010Why Choose Rotac® or Hyd-ro-ac® Rotary Actuators?
 Deciding on a manufacturer for your rotary actuator is important. Product quality, expert custom design, and required torque are all vital components. Read on why Micromatic should be on your short list.
10/28/2010Design Engineer Rotary Vane Actuator Webinar
10/28/2010Robotic Manufacturing
 Information about robotic multi-component assembly machine system.
10/25/2010Repetitive Handling. What a Pain!
 Make an economical decision when you have identified an automated solution that will benefit your business. Micromatic will find the solution you need.
10/22/2010Two Step Around With Position Actuators
 When precise motion is needed in an actuator, a position actuator is the product you're interested in. Whether you need two, three or more positions, with a position actuator, Mircomatic has you covered.
10/18/2010Automate with Electromechanical Motion
 Work with electromechanical automation solution to realize significant cost savings to maximize the bottom line.
10/11/2010Considerations When Designing a Rotary Actuator
 Deciding on a rotary actuator is the first step in your overall automated solution. Next, define rotation requirements, type of motion and other factors to pick the correct design for your application.
10/04/2010Why Choose Rotac® or Hyd-ro-ac® Rotary Actuators
 Deciding on a manufacturer for your rotary actuator is important. Product quality, expert custom design, and required torque are all vital components. Read on why Micromatic should be on your short list.
09/15/2010Auto Manufacturer Selects Micromatic as Automation Systems Integrator
 Micro-Precision provides automation systems integrator services to a major North American auto manufacturer.
09/13/2010High Torque and Powerful Rotary Actuators used in Ship Applications
 Micromatic, based in Indiana, delivers world class rotary actuators for virtually any ship application where steering, opening, lifting, or other rotary motion is required. In this news article read about our powerful rotary actuators.
08/31/2010Micromatic Automated Test Systems has Global Impact for Systems Integration
 Our automated test systems can be used for parts assembly, material handling, verification, gauging and more anywhere in the world. And with the integration of our Micro-Precision automated test systems, one can meet virtually any test system need, from individual stations to full turnkey solutions for standard or custom assembly/verification applications in the global theatre.
08/20/2010Standard of Modified High Torque Actuator Designs
 Micromatic offers high torque actuators that you will probably recognize as Rotac and Hyd-ro-ac. Since our high torque actuators have either pneumatic or hydraulic capability, there is a large array of possible applications - actually its quite limitless.
08/16/2010Expertly Designed High Torque Hydraulic Actuator
 Micromatic offers world-class high torque hydraulic rotary actuators for a variety of applications. We’re known for our expertise in hydraulic and pneumatic actuator systems, by the industry-recognized names Rotac and Hyd-ro-ac.
08/12/2010Turn to Micromatics for Electromechanical Automation
 At Micromatic, we excel in electromechanical automation. With our Micro-Precision automation systems, we have basically set the standards for electromechanical automation. Our electromechanical automation systems encompass everything from individual stations to full custom applications.
08/10/2010Industry Recognized, and World-Class Rotary Actuators
 Micromatic is an industry recognized world-class supplier of rotary actuators. We have high performance standard rotary actuators for hydraulic or pneumatic systems. And if your rotary actuator application requires something more, we have customized design and engineering solutions.
07/25/2010Micromatic's Range of Rotary Actuators are Reliable, Efficient and Powerful
 At Micromatic, we offer a full range of actuators for a large variety of industrial applications. Our actuators are recognized for the best kind of quality, and reliability throughout the world. And our long life cycle actuators offer only the best in terms of durability -they're able to withstand unfavorable environmental conditions and operator usage.
07/15/2010Our Micro-Precision Automated Test Systems - High-Quality and Full-Range
 Our automated test systems can be used for parts assembly, material handling, verification, gauging, and more. And with the integration of our Micro-Precision® automated test systems, one can meet virtually any test system need, from individual stations to full turnkey solutions for standard or custom assembly/verification applications.
07/14/2010Service Team Helps Achive High Quality Products Using Automated Test Systems by Micromatic
 A US based automotive supplier was experiencing an unsatisfactory amount of rejects on a vision capable automated test system that verified a specific component.Micromatic Service Department in collaboration with another supplier evaluated the issues and recommended a new approach that involved a higher degree of verification.
07/08/2010High Torque Rotary Actuators - World-Class, Reliable and Durable
 Our world-class Rotac® Hyd-ro-ac® high torque rotary actuators are reliable and efficient. They can be used for a wide range of applications, and for construction machinery such as valve operation, backhoe/excavator bucket rotation and more.
06/21/2010New Automation Videos
06/11/2010Micromatic Webinars!
06/09/2010Hydraulics & Pneumatics Magazine eBook
05/22/2010New System Includes Vision Verification Station
05/22/2010Gary Sank Provides Hydraulic Assesment
05/22/2010SS 65 Rotary Actuator Torque Powerhouse!
03/01/2010Gary Sank Uses Hydraulic Assesment
 Gary Sank helps OEMs with a hydraulic assesment to identify areas where Micromatic solutions are appropriate.
03/01/2010Flow Products Goes for Micromatic Products
 Flow Products Customer Service Team
03/01/2010Micromatic Website Finds New Direction
 Highlights of Web meeting.
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