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Automated Solutions That Set a Higher Standard

Micro-Precision® automated assembly machines raise the industry standard to satisfy a variety of applications for assembly, inspection, and quality management. Specializing in sub assembly, our products include powertrain items for engine and transmission along with drivetrain and body components. Our experience in gauging provides for complete inspection of components and assemblies that meet or exceed industry standards for capability and repeatability.

At Micromatic, we specialize in integrating automated solutions from single or multiple assembly station applications to full turnkey assembly cells that provide full quality management. We use vast robotic and conveyance techniques to enhance machine system capability and promote flexibility along with standardization. Our automation systems include:

  • Precision Components Assembly
  • Gaging
  • Verification
  • Material Handling
  • Custom Operations
  • Part Complexity Management
  • Part Traceability
  • Data Collection
  • Plant Interface

For more information on how Micro-Precision can enhance and integrate into your specific application, please contact us.

Automation Systems Design

Our engineering team has extensive experience in helping customers develop solutions, utilizing the talents of their people in collaboration with our expertise. We can take your technical specifications, drawings, and such disparate elements as site restrictions and volume constraints, and work with your employees or consultants to develop turnkey solutions that meet or exceed expectations.

Design considerations include:

  • Customer input on current processes and experiences
  • Precision control of components during the assembly process
  • Protection of critical surfaces
  • Balance of Automated designs needed to support production requirements
  • Effective component transfer methods
  • Determination of proper Gauging techniques per application (Mechanical Contact - LVDT, Air Gauging, LASER, Fiber Optics, Vision)
  • Other key elements such as Safety, Ergonomics, Reliability, Maintainability

Project Leadership

Micromatic’s project leadership process includes extensive customer involvement at various phases throughout the project to achieve project timeline expectations. Key deliverables include providing a detailed project plan and regularly scheduled customer meetings via WebEx and at our plant to review status and action list items.

Project management process includes:

  • Project plan with key milestones that identify expectation to meet delivery
  • Floor Plan review and approval to customer defined area including facility requirements
  • Formally scheduled customer meetings covering schedules and action lists
  • Approval process during the mechanical and controls design phases
  • Onsite inspection of the equipment prior to run-off with participation by customer staff including engineering, safety, maintenance, and operators
  • Run-off and approval of the equipment prior to shipment
  • Scheduling in installation and commissioning on the customer’s floor
  • Training and production support
  • Key customer production launch dates
  • Finalized delivery of project documentation

On-Site Services

We have training modules available on the operation and maintenance of all aspects of our automation systems. This training is available during startup of the systems as well as any time thereafter should circumstances arise, such as staff changes, that would require additional training.

Our capabilities include working closely with your organization during the installation and qualification phases along with other key steps when launching a turnkey automation system. Some of the on-site services we provide include:

  • Launch Support
  • Operational Staff Training
  • Manufacturing Engingering Training
  • Maintenance Staff Training
  • Software Training
  • Service Engineering Inspections and Repair

Equipment Relocation

As your asset and capital structures shift to meet the requirements of the marketplace, you might find that you want to relocate an automation system to a different location. Micromatic can provide an assessment of the relocation requirements and provide a solution that includes minimal disruption to existing production needs.

Automation Repair Services

Automation Service Support
Randy Combs – Service Manager – Send me an email or contact the Main Office


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