Semiautomatic Piston Ring Assembly Machine

Micro-Precision® semi automatic piston ringing assembly machines are ideal for repetitive manufacturing processes. These assembly machines are intended to provide a high quality piston set while reducing human interaction. We offer

  • Automation Solution Integration of material handling and assembly, providing ...
    • increased efficiency
    • labor reduction
    • reduced cycle time
    • increased uptime availability
    • reduced maintenance
  • Verification of gauging, vision, proximity, torque, and vacuum, the benefits of which are ...
    • process repeatability
    • process reliability
    • quality parts
    • no rejects
  • Flexibility and scalability, enabling you to ...
    • lower tooling expenditures
    • streamline SMED
    • effect rapid changeover

With Micro-Precision® automation, the manufacture of pistons, diesel pistons, piston rings, oil rings  further benefits from the delivery of both statistical and analytical data in real time. Our gauging systems can be supplied in stand-alone or machine-integrated configurations. Their accuracy, reliability and ease of use can help you solve virtually any gauging difficulty.

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