Piston Connecting Rod Assembly Machine

Our Micro-Precision® automated assembly machines are ideal for the manufacture of the entire piston and connecting rod assembly prior to the insertion into the block. We offer ...

  • Automation Solution Integration of material handling and assembly, providing ...
    • increased efficiency
    • labor reduction
    • reduced cycle time
    • elimination of repetitive motion injuries
    • increased uptime availability
    • reduced maintenance
  • Verification of gauging, vision, proximity, torque, and vacuum, the benefits of which are ...
    • process repeatability
    • process reliability
    • quality parts; connecting rod, bearing shell, wrist pin, rod cap
    • no rejects
  • Flexibility and scalability, enabling you to ...
    • lower tooling expenditures
    • streamline SMED
    • effect rapid changeover
With Micro-Precision® automation, being able to handle separated parts, assemble to piston, and match parts before consolidation to an engine set is critical.  The Micro-Precision® assembly process is robust, easy to operate and maintain, and uses a small footprint.  Learn more about how Micromatic® can help you eliminate time lost from system crashes, contacting parts deterioration, and inherent software inefficiencies.  Our expertise in building engine systems has been demonstrated on the shop floor around the world. 
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