Automation Applications

Our Micro-Precision® automated assembly machines have set the standard in component assembly across a wide array of industries and applications, including ...

Functioning as an Automated Solutions Integrator, Micro-Precision® encompasses everything from individual stations to full turnkey systems for standard or custom assembly/verification applications.

We have built our long-standing reputation on providing special automation machine systems capable of ...

  • parts assembly
  • material handling
  • verification
  • gauging
  • specialized operations such as hot-plate welding

Our extensive automation expertise is further evident in Micro-Precision® systems that ...

  • cover gantry-style applications as well as robotic application designs
  • provide solutions of varying complexity for the integration of single or multiple assembly stations and processes

When it comes to verification, gauging, and feature recognition capabilities, Micro-Precision® incorporates the latest technology, making full use of Vision, Mechanical Contact (LVDT), Air Gauging, Laser, and Fiber Optic elements.

Whatever your automation applications, our integrated automation systems are geared to helping you ...

  • produce the highest-quality products that meet or exceed all requirements
  • increase efficiency
  • achieve high-process repeatability and reliability
  • reduce cycle time

Let us show you what Micro-Precision® automation systems can do in your specific applications. Contact Micromatic.

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