Rotary Actuator Applications

The Powerful Force in Rotary Actuators

We have been designing and manufacturing world-class rotary actuators for well over 45 years. You probably recognize us - as most in industry do - by the names Rotac® and Hyd-ro-ac®.

Our rotary actuators have either pneumatic or hydraulic capability. The number of possible applications is virtually limitless.

We offer our actuators with true A to Z capability, too.

Our standard hydraulic systems come in 27 sizes, producing up to 700,000 in.-lb. of torque @ 3000 psi.

Our standard pneumatic systems come in 11 sizes, producing up to 21,614 in.-lb. of torque @ 150 psi.

If your applications require actuators outside the range of our standard lines, we have the solutions you need. Our seasoned product design and engineering group will modify and/or design an actuator to suit your specific requirements. We have, for instance, created special designs with up to 4,500,000 in.-lb. of torque @ 2,200 psi.

No matter what the application, contact Micromatic for all your rotary actuator needs.