Plastics & Rubber Machinery

Micromatic world-class Rotac® Hyd-ro-ac® rotary actuators have a wide range of applications in plastics and rubber and other raw material processing machinery, such as ...

  • Positioning, feeding, clamping, and unclamping injection or blow molding dies
  • Ejecting/removing finished molded parts from die molds
  • Machine and mixer valve activation (opening and closing)
  • Product positioning and transfer
  • Opening and closing machine valves, doors, and gates

Among the top features and benefits of our rotary actuators are ...

  • High torque and compact size, that make for ...
    • a less-costly hydraulic system overall
    • smaller hydraulic system components
    • a smaller overall footprint
    • a reduction in hydraulic fluid use
  • No backlash, which ensures ...
    • exact positioning
    • less internal part wear and, in turn, reduced maintenance
    • immediate response
  • Self-containment, contamination resistance, and direct drive for ...
    • reduced maintenance
    • increased efficiency
    • high cycle life
    • improved reliability
  • Only one moving part, ensuring ...
    • improved reliability
    • increased efficiency
    • less maintenance
  • Rapid action, enabling ...
    • quick cycle time
    • increased efficiency
    • low energy consumption
  • Constant speed, which permits ...
    • controlled motion
  • Rugged, robust, and proven design, assuring ...
    • low maintenance
    • improved reliability
  • Different configurations and housings, giving you ...
    • the flexibility to handle a variety of application situations

Contact Micromatic and let us show you more of what our rotary actuators can do for your plastics and rubber machinery.