Oscillating Actuators

The term oscillating actuator can be misleading. It is more the desired function of a rotary actuator, not its name. Most oscillating actuators are what are called vane rotary actuators. These actuators perform as an excellent oscillating actuator.

Vane Actuators

The two main designs that vane rotary actuators are available in are single vane and double vane. An internal barrier limits the rotation arc to 280 degrees for a single vane actuator and 100 degrees for a double vane actuator. The benefit of a double vane is double the torque generated as opposed to a single vane of the same internal size.
For applications that do not require a lot of working force, pneumatic oscillating actuators suffice. Cases where high torque is needed hydraulic actuators are what you want. When determining the best type of oscillating actuator for a given task, you need to consider the following:
  • Available space - Limited space issues are easily remedied with compact oscillating actuators
  • Expected performance characteristics - Arc rotation, projected life cycle, and ease of maintenance fall in this category
  • Force and displacement required - High torques require the muscle that only hydraulic oscillating actuators can supply
Not sure which oscillating actuator is best for your specific application? Micromatic's engineering team is ready to determine the correct solution for your business needs. Contact us today. We provide the "muscle" for your clamping, twisting, oscillating, and testing applications.