About Us

Our company has evolved considerably since its founding in 1929. Today, we are recognized the world over for our world-class rotary actuators and automated assembly equipment. These are the two major product lines we design and manufacture.


Rotary Actuators

We offer rotary actuators with either pneumatic or hydraulic capability. Our special line of engineered rotary vane-type hydraulic actuators offers very high torque in a small package, benefiting from our core skills in manufacturing precision components. Renowned by the names Rotac® and Hyd-ro-ac®, our actuators are used in a broad range of industrial applications throughout the world, from transportation, freight handling, and automation to food processing and medical equipment. See how vane rotary actuators work!

Turnkey System Integration & Automated Assembly Equipment

Among the Micro-Precision® automated systems we offer are high-speed automatic and lower-volume, semi-automatic assembly machines for combustion assemblies, such as pistons, connecting rods, wrist pins, piston "C" clips, piston rings, and rod bearings. We also offer automated systems for gantry-style applications, electronic transducers, parts handling, and parts inspection using Vision, Mechanical Contact (LVDT), Gauging, Laser, and Fiber Optic elements.

Customers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia trust our design, engineering, and precision manufacturing expertise. The key markets we serve include but are no means limited to ...

  • general industry
  • automotive
  • material handling
  • utilities
  • heavy-duty off-road

We can custom-design and integrate any rotary actuator or automation system to meet your requirements - no matter what the application.

Our Business Growth Intentions

We fully intend to grow at Micromatic at an accelerated rate. Acquisitions that strengthen existing product offerings and establish new platforms will be the priority. In addition we are pursuing the creation of an outstanding team, a high quality portfolio, and a sustainable business model achieving superior and sustainable financial results. That's the vision that we are aggressively pursuing as we work to make Micromatic a premier global enterprise.

For further details on our rotary actuator and automated assembly system capabilities and what they can do for you, contact Micromatic.