We have the Vane Rotary Actuators for your Equipment

Out of all the methods that are used to create rotational motion for industrial applications, vane rotary actuators are one of them that we specialize in. However, there are two types of vane actuators that can provide this type of functionality: single-vane and double vane. That being said, each type is capable of performing ranges specific to the type. A single-vane rotary actuator can obtain a rotation angle of up to 280 degrees, while the smaller, double-vane actuator will experience a rotation of only 100 degrees. Double-vane actuators will be able to put out twice the toque of the single-vane, so you’re trading range of motion for power.

Some of the benefits you can get from using vane actuators include:
  • With fewer moving parts, the maintenance of your equipment is fairly straightforward and easy.
  • Provides up to 95% mechanical efficiency over similar solutions.
Our actuators come in many standard designs, perfect for quite a few out-of-the-box needs. However, we can also work closely with your team in order to create a custom design that’ll be the exact fit you need. Contact us today, and we’ll get started on finding the right vane rotary actuator for the job.