Vision Inspection Systems can Keep your Production Line Moving

With the huge amount of product that flows through your production line every day, there are going to be a few parts and pieces that end up not being exactly what they need to be. This can be due to slight misplacement on the press, a part that wasn’t the right side up during the next step, and other small human error problems. Protect your production line and delivery timelines with a vision inspection system from Micromatic LLC.

Our engineers will visit your factory and inspect your production line. Once they’ve gotten a good look at the entire process, they’ll start developing a vision inspection system that will be able to be inserted into the process. These systems will take images of your parts at key stages in the line, and match the image that it takes with the specific root image that it needs to look like. If they line up properly, then the part is passed on and everything continues on normally. However, if there’s a problem, the system will be able to notify an employee immediately. This reduces wasted materials on bad part production, and keeps you on schedule.

Contact us today, and we’ll schedule you for a time where we can discuss every benefit that a vision inspection system can bring to your factory. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to help you reduce your wasted parts and make sure that your production line is running smoothly.