Turn to Micromatics for Electromechanical Automation

With our Micro-Precision automation systems, we at Micromatic excel in all electromechanical automation systems. With this system, we have pretty much set the standards in electromechanical automation in the areas of: vehicle transmission and powertrain, vehicle engine and parts, and engine turbine and power transmission.

Our Micro-Precision electromechanical automation system embodies everything from simple individual stations to large, standard, custom assembly, or verification applications. Since 1929, we at Micromatic have built our reputation on providing electromechanical automation systems for: parts assembly, material handling, verification, gauging, and specialized operations. Micro-Precision uses the latest technologies in electromechanical automation including Vision, Mechanical Contract (LVDT), air gauging, and fiber optic elements.

The choice is simple. When looking for the best electromechanical automation, choose us here at Micromatic. We are sure we can meet your high standards and produce only quality electromechanical automation systems that meet your exact needs.