Testing Oscillating Actuator Manufacturer

Consisting of an aluminum alloy body and machined with precision, our rotating actuators are dependable motors to apply oscillating motion to a variety of applications. In the area of testing oscillating pressure, either hydraulic or pneumatic, is ideal in performance testing.

Single-, double-, or triple-vane actuators can be used depending on the torque and power requirements for your application. Our world-class Rotac® actuators provide accurate and repeatable pressure changes to properly test your specimens to their breaking limit when determining if your customer’s standards, or your own, are met or exceeded.

We also offer engineering services when you need a custom continuous rotation or oscillating rotary actuator. Pressure over 1,000 PSI and torques over 44,000 in/lbs. are easily within our capabilities for your product proofing applications. Provide us the specifications or technical drawings and will set to work on your custom actuator.

Providing the "muscle" for your clamping, twisting, testing… applications for over 80 years. Contact Micromatic today.