Standard of Modified High Torque Actuator Designs

If you are looking for high torque actuators, look no further than to us here at Micromatic. We have been designing and manufacturing world class high torque actuators for over 45 years - that's 45 years of perfecting the high torque actuator design. If you have never heard of us, you have probably heard of our high torque actuators by their brand names, Rotac and Hyd-ro-ac instead.

Our high torque actuators have either pneumatic or hydraulic capability, it simply depends on just what it is you need. Because of this, our high torque actuators have basically limitless application possibilities.

Of course, all of our high torque actuators have standards. Our hydraulic systems come in 27 different sizes, producing up to 700,000 in. of torque at 3000 psi. Our pneumatic systems come in 11 different sizes, producing up to 21,614 in. of torque at 150 psi. Of course, these are only standards and we, at Micromatic, have the ability to design the solutions you need, even if they are outside of our standard lines. Our experienced team of designers and engineers will modify or completely design a high torque actuator specially for you if needed.

Whatever it is that you need, in terms of high torque actuators, turn to us here at Micromatic and let us see what we can do for you.