Robotic Material Handling Can Help Any Production Line

Having a customized robotic material handling solution geared to your specific business needs can have any or all of the following benefits:

High tolerance – produce parts of the highest quality that meets or exceeds you or your client’s requirements
Part consistency – Obtain high repeatability and reliability
Increase Efficiency – Remove human error and movement restriction with innovative application of robotic material handling.
Save time – increase the speed and reduce the cycle time it takes to move your product

Micromatic merges the latest technology with our time-proven designs. Our verification and feature recognition capabilities are superb. We make full use of…
  • Vision
  • Mechanical Contact (LVDT)
  • Air gauging
  • Laser and fiber optics
When you select a robotic material handling system, we create it to your specific business needs. Contact our skilled engineers to start the ball rolling on your material handling challenge and a cost-effective solution.