Robotic Manufacturing

Micromatic has developed a solution to address potential quality and ergonomic issues for a global manufacturer regarding installation and assembly of multiple components.  This process included critical orientation in the presentation of parts for assembly.  In order to meet cycle time, 19 seconds per assembly, and quality requirements simultaneously Micromatic utilized robotic integration.  The manufacturing cell included a 165lb, six axis robot on a seventh axis transfer unit and four Micromatic dial stations, with multi component, quick load design.  Part complexity was created by a selection from 4 unique product platforms (40 different models) and 36 individual component types to be assembled according to an overall factory demand queue.  The components in the line are presented to the robot to transfer to the appropriate dial station for component assembly.At the same time the component dial station tables transfer the correct part models to the three assembly nests.  The robot inserts the components into the three nests to assemble the parts.  When the robot is finished, it transfers the completed units to the cell exit station for further processing and inspection by other Micromatic equipment.  This robot cell is scheduled for full production in November 2010. For more Information Contact Us!